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Welcome to the magical world of theatre

from 13.01 to 02.06

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We have good news for fans of family theatre performances in our Shopping Centre! In January this year, we are starting a new series of performances that will take you to the world of fairy tales and extraordinary events. On selected Saturdays from January to June, and then from September to December, you will be able to watch a free theatre performance at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Family theatre performances will be accompanied by workshops, meetings and concerts organized together with the Municipal Cultural Centre in Rumia.

Check out what we have prepared for you!

The first performance in the series will be performed on Saturday, January 13th! Little viewers of the play entitled “Pinocchio” tells the story of a boy carved by the carpenter Geppetto. The enchanted log that Pinocchio created makes the wooden puppet come to life. Unfortunately, the boy is not a polite child, he often lies, and then his nose grows. The Wooden Puppet realizes his mistakes and worries that he is causing distress to his guardian. However, the desire to experience a new adventure always prevails over common sense. You will be able to find out or remember how this story ends during the January performance.

There will be a New Year’s concert on Saturday, January 13th at 4 p.m. The guests of our Shopping Centre will be treated to performances by “MUZAika” Ensemble under the direction of Marzena Graczyk, Rumianie Kashubian Choir under the direction of Marzena Graczyk and the Saint Cecilia’s Singers’ Ensemble from Rumia, conducted by Krzysztof Brzozowski.
Here is the program of all family performances:

 January 13th  – Pinocchio
 February 10th  - About a snowman who had a warm heart
 March 9th  – Whose suitcase is this?
 April 13th  – Black and white
 May 11th  – Mr. Mess and pure confusion
 June 8th  – Like Paweł and Gaweł
 September 7th  – An effigy from a village yard
 October 12th  – Autumn colours
 November 9th  – Golden egg
 December 14th  – Santa Claus needed immediately

We invite you to join us in a theatrical adventure!