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A new series of meetings “Academy of the Little Explorer”

from 20.01 to 16.03

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Come with us on a journey to the fascinating world of science! From January, we invite you to participate in a new series of family educational meetings entitled: “Academy of the little explorer”. There are plenty of attractions for lovers of scientific puzzles and experiments.

We have divided this year’s cycle into four series that will allow participants to become fascinated with various fields of science
The first series titled We start “Chemist” in January. During monthly meetings, children, under the supervision of instructors, will learn about various chemical substances and perform experiments that will allow them to see that science is fascinating!

On Saturday, January 20, we invite you to a meeting entitled: “Gas laboratory”, during which you will be able to learn the secrets of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Young participants will learn, among other things, why a candle goes out and how a fire extinguisher works.

The next meetings in the “chemist” series will be held:
February 17th – “Fragrance Laboratory”
March 16th – “The Magician’s Laboratory”
Meetings in the “Academy of the Little Explorer” series take place from 12.00 to 17.00. Free entrance.

We invite you to have fun together in the world of science!