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Welcome to the fascinating world of theatre


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A free show for children full of classic children’s poetry will take place on May 13 at Port Rumia Auchan Shopping Centre. performance entitled „Kolorowe wiersze” will be played twice – at 13 and 16. The event from the series „Rodzinne soboty z teatrzykiem” will be accompanied by creative workshops for children, during which gifts for the upcoming Mother’s Day are created.

Children love theatrical performances because they provide them with a lot of positive emotions and stimulate their imagination. For small spectators of the performance entitled “Kolorowe wiersze” from the popular series „Rodzinne soboty z teatrzykiem” await unforgettable experiences.

The show played in the cabaret formula will bring the audience closer to the classics of children’s poetry. Fabulously colourful stage design will amuse you with its animation possibilities and unexpected shapes. There will be many opportunities to have fun together with live actors. The stage will feature such classics as: “Chory kotek”, “Stefek Burczymucha”, “Żuraw i czapla” and many other characters from the poems of Konopnicka, Jachowicz, Brzechwa and Kraszewski.

On the same day at 12-16 there will be creative workshops for children entitled ” Dekoracyjne torby na Dzień Mamy” prepared by the Municipal House of Culture in Rumia. The program will include painting and decorating cotton bags, as well as making flowers for Mother’s Day.

In a month, on June 10th, the last performance before the summer break you can watch ” Wędrówka małej chmurki”.
A show for children “Kolorowe wiersze” will take place on May 13th (13 and 16) at Auchan Port Rumia Shopping Centre at 108 Grunwaldzka Street in Rumia. We invite you to the workshop from 12-16.

Free entrance.