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“Akademia małego odkrywcy” invites you to explore the world together


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Learning through play for the whole family and all year round! This is how you can briefly describe our series of free events entitled “Akademia małego odkrywcy”. It is a series of educational meetings for the whole family, during which you can learn about scientific issues in various fields of science.

During the next meeting in “Akademia małego odkrywcy” series, which will take place on Saturday, May 20th, the youngest will learn about the world of colours and see what role light plays in our brain’s recognition of them. We invite you from 12.00 to 17.00.

While having fun together, children will learn the secrets of colours and find out how many colours a painter needs to take a picture. During the experiments, participants will learn about unique colours, such as magenta, indigo, tango or light pink, commonly known as “panty pink”. Under the supervision of instructors, children will combine and separate colours by pouring colourful liquids.

Participants of the meeting “Wytwórnia kolorów” by arranging colourful discs, they will see with their own eyes what colour the light has. Little explorers will also build a kaleidoscope, the favourite toy of the Queen of Great Britain – Victoria.

We invite everyone interested in knowledge to the next meeting entitled “Mały detektyw” we invite you on June 17th. It will end the six-month cycle of “Akademia małego odkrywcy”, which takes place in our Shopping Centre.

Participation in the events is free.