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Let’s create summer earrings together – workshops for seniors.


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During free, cyclical creative workshops on June 3rd, seniors will create summer earrings that will perfectly complement holiday stylizations! Classes from „Senior aktywny i kreatywny” series are a good opportunity to spend time among people passionate about creating handicrafts.

Original jewellery, perfect for the summer, will be created in the hands of the participants of the upcoming workshops for seniors. Strings, beads, colourful yarns and other materials will be in motion. Multicolour little works of art can surprise craftsmen themselves!

During the cyclical „Senior aktywny i kreatywny” workshops, participants learn various handicraft techniques and have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas, learn from each other and develop their skills.

Participation in the creative workshops is free, participants receive all the tools needed to complete the work on site, and after the classes they can take their handicraft home as a souvenir.

You can attend classes from 12:00. until 17:00.