Free performances for children - Auchan

Free performances for children

from 09.09 to 02.12

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Wise and thrilling meetings with art all year round – this is the hallmark of our Centre! “Family Saturdays with the theatre” returns after the summer break with a new repertoire. Free entrance!

Our performances are colourful and filled with fairy-tale characters. Young viewers will meet colourful characters and stories full of unexpected twists, thanks to which they will see how important universal values such as friendship, honesty and sensitivity are.

Here is the schedule of events:

September 9th  – Forest clearing

The gamekeeper Hare, the guardian of the forest, together with his friend, the squirrel, Wiera, invite children to the forest glade! There, together with the heroes of the story, we will take care of the forest inhabitants. We will help feed hungry animals, we will support ants in their brave everyday work, but above all we will learn to notice, respect and support nature, which is so close to each of us.

October 7th  – A fairy tale about the Saturday Mountain

“Once upon a time, in a forest hut, there lived a mother with three sons…” – this is how the story of an old storyteller begins. The performance takes the viewer to the world of an old Polish folk tale. Together with the characters, children experience various emotions, sadness and joy, fear and hope, surprise and anticipation. The performance leaves the young viewer with hope that goodness and honesty will always win in the end, you just need to be able to follow your heart.

November 4th  – Trials of Teddy Bear

Hieronim is not a beautiful new teddy bear. He doesn’t have a colourful bow or a fancy outfit… and worst of all, instead of a wide smile, his face has a sad expression. Therefore, despite numerous promotions, day after day Hieronim is left alone on the store shelf, quietly shedding plush tears. Until suddenly… YES! Someone bought it! The plush heartbeat faster with emotion when someone finally hugged him tenderly. However, black clouds are gathering over the bear’s head again. Was he in danger of returning alone to the dusty shelf? A warm and cheerful fairy tale about how precious friendship is, about the intricacies of the plush world and why it is worth taking care of those we love!

December 2nd  – Colorful Ball

Mr. Kolorek and Mrs. Barwinka prepared a colorful ball for the children. It will be an unusual, theatrical ball. Puppet butterflies will take part in it. They will ask the children to help collect pollen. You will also need to collect colorful fruits and vegetables. In addition to butterflies, colorful centipedes will join the fun, which together with children will take part in races, and rainbow horses will prance with the little ones in the rhythm of a waltz. Mr. Kolorek and Mrs. Barwinka have prepared many other surprises for children, which you will discover when you come to the colorful ball.

We invite you to come! The beginning of performances in the gallery passage at 13 and at 16.