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Discover the world with Port Rumia

from 16.09 to 16.12

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With us, learning through fun lasts all year round! We invite you to the next edition of “Akademia Małego Odkrywcy” series of events liked by children. It is a series of educational meetings for the whole family, during which you can learn about issues from various fields of science. Free entrance!

Exploring the world is exciting! Especially when it is accompanied by interesting, practical classes and engaged teachers.

Here is the schedule of events:

September 16th  –  Space!
During cosmic classes, we will learn what laws govern the cosmos. We will also check how much air weighs, we will build a jet-powered rocket, a stratospheric balloon and a projector to present the constellations. We invite little scientists to our research station!

October 21st  – A terrific day
On this day we will combine amazing shows with active workshops. Magic or science? There will be plenty of experiments that will surprise their performers. We will show that mysterious events are not so scary and have their scientific explanation. Cold smoke, fake blood – movie tricks will no longer have secrets!

November 18th  – The world in motion
We will present the principles of physics with a lot of energy! We will tell, among others of friction, centrifugal force and gravity. Among the attractions: bottle cannon, domino day, cup races. You will also find out why a bicycle can drive itself. Physics is everywhere!

December 16th – Creative Santa Claus
Creative workshops on making Christmas decorations and Christmas cards will be interspersed with shows entitled Santa’s Laboratory.

We invite you to come! We have fun in the gallery passage from 12 noon to 5 pm.